Iron Mate

Iron Mate

Iron Mate for anaemia

Anaemia is a deficiency of red blood cells and/ or haemoglobin, this deficiency may be due to an iron deficient diet or poor iron absorption. Iron Mate provides a bioavailable source of the nutrients needed to prevent anaemia and promote optimal blood oxygenation and blood performance.

Signs and Symptoms of Iron deficient Anaemia

  • Uninterested in track work and a decreased tolerance to exercise: evidenced byexcessive blowing and an often rapid heart rate
  • A horse suffering from anaemia will have poor race performance.

Anaemia results in an inability to supply sufficient oxygen to muscles and therefore the horse will tire easily, staying power will be affected and overall speed reduced due to a lack of energy reserves.


 Active ingredients per Lt
 Ferric ammonium citrate  15g
 Folic acid  100mg

Dosage Rate

20ml Daily

Available Sizes

20 Lt

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