Platinum is an “oats free” feed concentrate specifically designed for the equine athlete. Eureka Platinum is ideal for horses undertaking intense training such as thoroughbred and harness racing. Eureka Platinum is also formulated to have additional grains such as oats, corn etc to meet their energy requirements. Eureka Platinum is fortified with chelated minerals as well as live yeast culture.


Cooked & Flaked Barley, Maize and Lupins, Sunflower Seeds, Calcium Carbonate, Di Calcium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Mollogold, Omega enriched vegetable Oil, SCF Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Yea Sacc Live Yeast Cutlure, Fructoogliosaccharides (FOS) and Equiliser (a natural antacid for horses with problems with stomach ulcers).

Analysis as fed

 Crude Protein  18%  Vitamin A  24000IU
 Crude Fat  8%  Vitamin D  2300IU
 Crude Fibre  9%  Vitamin E  1000mg
 Calcium  18g  Vitamin K  15mg
 Phosphorous  10g  Biotin  3000ug
 Lysine  6.5g  Choline  300mg
 Sodium  7.5g  Folic Acid  7mg
 Chloride  12g  Thiamin  15mg
 Potassium  16g  Riboflavin  24mg
 Magnesium  4.6g  Niacin  70mg
 Manganese  316mg  Vitamin B5  27mg
 Zinc  370mg  Vitamin B6  7.4mg
 Iron  400mg  Vitamin B12  70ug
 Copper  108mg
 Selenium  1.5mg
 Iodine  1.8mg
 Chromium  2.1mg

Feeding Management

  • Introduce Platinum gradually over 7-10 days with your current feeds.
  • Remember to match feed intake to work load.
  • Do Not Reduce amount of Platinum on days off, reduce additional grain by at least half.
  • Ensure you feed horses adequate roughage. (at least 5kg per day or 1% of Bodyweight)
  • Ensure your horse has access to fresh clean water
 Light Work  0.5 – 1kg per day
 Medium Work  1 – 1.5 kg per day
 Intense Work  1.5 – 2 kg per day

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