Apple Cider Vinegar + Garlic

For over 50 years the finest Apple Cider Vinegar has been produced.

Apple Cider Vinegar taken as part of a holistic approach to animal health and welfare enhances wellbeing by, amongst other features, modifying the intestinal environment to a pH suitable for beneficial bacteria to function optimally.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is rich in nutrients and trace elements essential for a balanced diet. Suitable for all animals ACV can be administered diluted to their water supply or applied to dry feeds.

Garlic Supports the Immune system while Honey aids palatability and provides a slow release energy source and Vitamin B1 is an essential dietary vitamin.

Trace Elements

Trace Elements per kg 
 Boron  2mg
 Copper  0.07mg
 Magnesium  37mg
 Phosphorous  250mg
 Sodium  13mg
 Zinc  0.1mg
 Calcium  22mg
 Iron  0.27mg
 Manganese  0.16mg
 Potassium  870mg
 Sulphur  50mg
Garlic  22g

Directions for Use

Shake well and dilute with equal parts water
 Dairy cows  20-30ml
 Calves  On milk 20ml per L
 Calves  Past 6wks 5-10ml
 Horses  10-20ml
 Lambs  After docking 2-3ml
 Ewes  5ml
 Pigs  5-10ml
 Hoggets  5ml
 Goats  2-3ml
 Cats  2ml

  • Large 3-5ml
  • Medium 2-3ml
  • Small 2ml
Poultry  1ml per L of drinking

Available Sizes

  • 5Lt
  • 20Lt
  • 1000Lt

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