Electrolyte B Paste

B Vitamins for Post-Race Recovery Electrolyte B is an electrolyte paste containing 11 different vitamins and 6 key minerals.

This paste is specifically designed for performance and recovery.

Electrolyte B is formulated to replace key nutrients lost through sweating during strenuous exercise or travelling.

Active Ingredients

 Potassium  4958mg
 Magnesium  3165mg
 Sodium  3099mg
 Chloride  15293g
 Phosphorus  232mg
 Citrate  1941mg
 Calcium  582mg
 Zinc  78mg
 Cyanocobalamin (B12)  41mg
 Thiamine  131mg
 Niacin  371mg
 Pyridoxine (B6)  45.4mg
 Pantothenic acid  177mg
 Vitamin E  964mg
 Riboflavin  38mg
 Vitamin K  12mg
 Folic acid  34mg
 Vitamin C  303mg
 Vitamin A  35mg
 Vitamin D  1mg


  • Give 30ml per 500kg body weight after moderate exercise or travel.
  • For heavy exercise, sweating repeat after 20-40 minutes

Available Sizes

60ml syringe

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