Enhance is an Alkaline Product

Acid load can lead to acidosis (low internal pH) which causes a number of health problems. This problem of over acidification is caused by a number of factors including exercise transportation stall confinement and high grain diets.

Grain breakdown begins in the stomach producing ‘volatile fatty acids which lower pH and then moves to the handgun where it produces lactic acid further reducing pH. When the pH of the gut drops below 6 the good bacteria critical for digestion are killed and pathogenic material growth is promoted.

Benefits include: stress management, immune system function, improved nutrient absorption, disease and parasite resistance, reduced worm burden, improved fertility rate, reduction in skeletal defects and cracking, added vitamins A, D and E. Alkaline product pH 8-9.

Analysis as fed

Each Litre Contains
Crude Protein 13.95g Boron Chelate 50g
Seaweed 85g Copper Chelate 1.7g
Magnesium 62g Cobalt Chelate 40mg
Magnesium 1.125g Maganese 1.25g
Chelate Chelate
Vitamin A 160,000 IU Molybdenum 8g mg
Vitamin D3 40,000 IU Sulphur 10g
Vitamin E 26.8g Sodium 5g
Chloride 9.5g Zinc 815mg
Sulphate 3.5g Iron 1000mg
Potassium 13.05g Iodine 120mg
Selenium 2mg


Dosage Application
 20-40 ml  10-20ml  5-10ml  15ml   2ml  0.5ml per 5kg of body weight
 Horses  Ponies  Sheep  Dogs over 20kg  Dogs under 20kg  All other animals
 Camels  Foals  Goats
 Cattle  Calves  Alpaca

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