Feed'n Grow

A palatable, high protein pellet feed, formulated to supplement and balance pasture and forages for horses that have a high demand for protein – such as pregnancy, lactation and growth. it is suited for later pregnancy and lactating broodmares, weanling foals and rapidly growing yearlings.



This pellet feed contains boosted vitamins, minerals and trace elements (particularly Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamin E and Zinc) to deliver the nutritional requirements for reproduction, lactation, recovery and rapid growth. It contains expeller-pressed vegetable proteins meals with high oil levels as a source of good digestible energy.

Barley, Bran and Pollard, Soybean meal, Lucerne meal, Canola meal, Calcium Carbonate (Limestone), Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Magnesium Oxide, Molasses, Canola Oil, Trace Minerals and Vitamins.

Analysis as fed

Digestible Energy MJ/kg 12.9
Protein % 18
Dig. Energy Mj/kg 11
Max Crude Fibre % 10
Starch % 22
Mineral Content (%)
And Added Trace Minerals
 Added Vitamins
 Calcium % 1.8%  Vitamin A (IU/kg)  15,000
 Phosphorus % 0.9%  Vitamin D3 (IU/kg)  3,000
 Magnesium % 0.5%  Vitamin E (IU/kg)  150
 Sodium % 0.2%  Vitamin K3 (mg/kg)  1.5
 Copper mg/kg 75  Vitamin B1 (mg/kg)  15
 Iron mg/kg 90  Vitamin B2 (mg/kg)  12
 Manganese mg/kg 75  Vitamin B6 (mg/kg)  6
 Cobalt mg/kg 0.75  Vitamin B12 (mg/kg)  60
 Iodine mg/kg 1.5  Niacin (mg/kg)  30
 Molybdenum mg/kg 0.6  Pantothenic (mg/kg)  18
 Zinc mg/kg 225  Folic Acid (mg/kg)  9
 Selenium mg/kg 0.3  Biotin (ug/kg)  900

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