Vitalyte is a concentrated source of both essential electrolytes and Vitamins designed to help maintain ideal body fluid balance as well as nerve and muscle function. Vitalyte is perfect for intense work, travel and endurance, or simply as a daily feed supplement where it can be added directly to the feed or placed in water for use as a salt drench.

Vitalyte supplies potent antioxidants to aid in peak performance and recovery and provides all the necessary elements required for energy production using carbohydrate, fat and protein sources.

Vitalyte aids in compensation for Vitamin deficiencies commonly caused by a high grain energy dense diet and aids in reducing dehydration cramping and muscle fatigue which can lead to poor performance and a delay in recovery.

Analysis as fed

 Vitamin A  593mg
 Vitamin D3  11mg
 Vitamin E  3.72g
 Thiamine (B1)  3.49g
 Riboflavin (B2)  3.65g
 Vitamin B6  649mg
 Pantothenic acid (B5)  3.00g
 Niacin (B3)  6.31g
 Vitamin C  5.15g
 Choline  6.86g
 Vitamin B12  4mg
 Vitamin K  426mg
 Magnesium  7.47g
 Potassium  40g
 Sodium  120g
 Chloride  165g
 Calcium  99g
 Phosphate  36.9g
 Sulphate  72g
 Zinc  6g
 Carbonate  84g

Feeding Management

Hard Work 30-60g daily
Travelling 60-90g before travel

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